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Nozomi & Mikage

Nozomi and Mikage

ノゾミ・ミカゲ (Nozomi & Mikage)

Role: The Twin Oni

Height: 142cm (about 4'8") (same)

Profile: When Kei came to Hemidzuka, these twin oni appeared at her side with the ringing of bells. They hold the power to manipulate dreams, and are the direct antagonists of Yumei.

Nozomi & Mikage's Seiyuu (for both): 小林 恵美 (Kobayashi Megumi)

Notable Appearances: Appeared as mostly minor characters in Jigoku Shoujo, GTO, Seven of Seven, Mahoromatic, and as a playable (?) character in the game Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2.

Note: The character pages are adaptions of the official character page, found here.