This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


Akai Ito Game Information




浅間 サクヤ (Asama Sakuya)

Role: Reportage writer and photographer

Height: 175cm (about 5'9")

Profile: A beautiful woman of unknown age who appears to be in her mid-twenties, with a distinctly non-Japanese style of living. As Kei's late mother's best friend, for whatever reason, she has taken it upon herself to look after Kei's well-being. She is frank and humorous, with the composure of an elder sister, but also has an "old-timer" side to her befitting (?) of her age. She likes alcoholic beverages and salty things. She dislikes Uzuki.

Sakuya's Seiyuu: 真田 アサミ (Sanada Asami)

Note: The character pages are adaptions of the official character page, found here.