This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


Akai Ito Game Information



Note: The following is a translation of the story page on the Akai Ito website, which can be found here. You might also like to know that this monologue plays if you let the game sit at the title screen.

This summer, I lost my mother, the only family I ever had---

---To see my father's house, left to me by inheritance, I boarded a train that travels down a long road---

I saw an incredibly mysterious dream

Of crimson memories I can't recall

The swarming flights of blue light butterflies

And... of that nostalgic person with sad eyes

That place that is also the town of my birth, Hemidzuka

In that place, I meet with someone... and I part with someone

The past, and the present, dreams and reality, my memories, and my blood

Two threads of connection entwine together, overlap, and weave into a tapestry---

The circle of fate begins to turn