This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


The Game in Brief and the Purpose of this Site

What is Akai Ito?

Akai Ito is a text adventure game, classified as a "traditional Japanese horror." True to its stated genre, it occasionally depicts violence and death in what some may consider "graphic detail," particularly since it is written in first person. It is also, for lack of a better word, a distinctly Japanese game, with numerous references to Shintou and other religions, and uses extensive Japanese wordplay.

However, most who play it would hardly consider it a horror game. Most fans of Akai Ito love it because it is a (very) well written choose-your-own-adventure-style story, with a lovable lesbian main character who develops a relationship with one of five other lovable women, depending upon how you play.

Our Mission

Akai Ito has many qualities that preclude any possibility of a release on western shores. It is yuri. It is text-based. It is renai. And it is uniquely Japanese in its presentation. To put it plainly, I'm not even sure that I would want it localized. The localization process would more than likely deform this beautiful work of art.

It is my intent to translate this game and present it to you in a form as faithful as I can manage, in the hope that you, the readers, will support this game by importing it and playing it. Your support is unlikely to bring about a localized release, but it could possibly lead to an anime adaption. And to be honest, the yuri genre needs works like these to raise the bar.

As such, a rom would simply not do. To those who would undertake such an endeavor, I ask that you refrain. This translation will be displayed in text, on this site, as it is completed. There are some who could read it like they would a yuri fanfic or the like, and I don't discourage that. The text I am translating uses exquisite detail in its descriptions from time to time, perhaps even enough to stand on its own. However, it is still quite incomplete without the original work's images, sounds, voices, and music. And the original work is a very worthwhile buy, at a mere twenty dollars. (Seriously, it's like buying five choose-your-own-adventure novels for about the price of two manga. And the images, music, and voice acting are all fanatastic!)

To those who plan...

To play the game with this translation

Thank you very much! This translation is for you! You won't regret it!

I have gone to great lengths to make a user-friendly translation for English speakers, and I have some instructions to make the experience run more smoothly for you. Please take a look at the "How to" section for details.

I also have a few words of advice for those who would make Akai Ito their first import game! The "How to" section will have details on one importing method that I found to be easy enough, and I hope to add to it as others offer their advice.

My Contact Information

I am a human being with very human concerns, and am prone to make mistakes. I am even prone to slacking off from time to time.

If you see a spelling error or a blurb of language that sounds too awkward for your liking, please notify me. However, I ask you to refrain from being really strict with grammar rules and the like. The story is told from Kei's perspective. It should be accurate to the level of SPOKEN grammar.

Also, all of you should understand that if I sense a general level of disinterest with the work that I poured my heart and soul into, then I become disinterested. If you have comments of support, or constructive criticism, those are comments that I need to hear. Knowing that people are reading my work keeps me going!

Now, for my e-mail address. One thing I cannot stand is spiders, so I'll be taking all the precautions I can to prevent them from creeping in here. My e-mail address is NOT

It's close, though. It's not "contact," but "antitype." Please use the common sense that makes you human to switch the two and give me your loving support!

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