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March 27, 2008

Come and save me˜

I have mixed feelings about what I just read a moment ago... In other words, Aoi Shiro is being delayed until the 15th of May! Usshabwaba! >_< >:- @#$@$

This makes me feel anxious for reasons that should be obvious. I want to be able to enjoy the game before the economy of the nation I'm living in collapses under the burden of its debt, bringing lots of others down with it.

This also makes me feel relieved for less than obvious reasons: I might be able to get Sakuya's route (and thus, the game) finished translating before then.

...... >_< Hey! Don't give me that look. It's within physical possibility.... *remembers a certain collection of scenes with characters talking in archaic Japanese* ......well, sorta possible.

Anyway, focusing on the now is the best way to go about that. So, in that spirit, allow me to happily inform you that one, Tsudzura's route is mapped in the Navigation page and two, I've transcribed all of the yet-unmentioned fourth character's route. Of course, such good news has a downside: it's a short route. She only has two lone squares of the divergence map to herself, whereas most others have six.

I like this route (and Sakuya's) rather much, which is why I saved them for last. There's a chance that this can lead to some very speedy translating (cross your fingers...), though the voice in most of this fourth route is very different from the rest of the game. Because I like it, I want to make sure I get the voice right, which could lead to stalling (pray...).

March 25, 2008

The halo grows away...?

Please excuse the hurried post below. Rushing Zohar is like loosening a person's lips with alcoholic beverages. Coherence becomes tertiary.

March 22, 2008

The word unwinds inside of me ˜

Albeit much belated, the final installment of Tsudzura's route is up!

I hope you enjoy it. There were parts of it that I enjoyed, but I'm glad its over, personally. I happened to enjoy it very much! However tame it may be, it still has some kind of lolifuriyuri aftertaste, doesn't it? I predicted that I would have trouble finishing it, due to a general distaste for the route, which is why I knew I have to which is why knew I couldn't save it for last! o_O

The link to the first scene of the last installment is here.

I'm going to get started on the next one without further ado! I think we'll all like what's coming!

March 13, 2008

A catastrophic mistake has been brought to my attention. O_O

Not one, not two, but SEVERAL scene translations with selectable choices had the English and Japanese mixed up. This is almost impossible for one to catch unless they read the translation to the game, or know Japanese... >_<;;

And if you were playing the game and didn't notice this awful oversight, then I obviously steered you wrong, and left you very confused. I'm really sorry! The first mistake occurs in the scene, "Time lag?" then "Shadow of the Snake God," then "Ryougetsu," and finally, "Flowers Blooming in the Summer Night."

And to that anonymous person who pointed this out, thank you very, very much!

As for the translation, I'm going at a pace where I could finish it in another two days. Cross your fingers that I might keep that pace going.

And finally, I have happy news! Someone who seems to have a lot more drive and expedience of writing than myself is writing a translation of the Aoi Shiro web novel. Go check it out!

I suppose this means the Aoi Shiro translation will be out of my hands, then. That's probably good news for you all. ^^;;

February 29, 2008

11:02 - Edits

I've made a few, much needed edits just now, particularly, fixing Tsudzura's nav page. I also fixed some links to the glossary.

Hopefully everything works mostly fine, now. I wanted to make them earlier, but I had connection/access issues. ~_~ There are more edits to be made, but they can wait until after I've moved.

February 27, 2008

5:00 - Oops

Wow. Those horizontal lines are horrid. I'll get around to them, but... later. Please deal with them for now.

Maybe tomorrow you'll be able to see some more venerable vectors.

February 27, 2008

Ayve finnissshed eeeet o_O

The installment, the nav links, the glossary, everything is up. One more installment before Tsudzura-chan's route is finished.

Hopefully, it won't be taking too long, but I'm fairly well Shintoed out. I probably won't start working on it until after I've moved.

Here is a link to the first scene of the next installment. Enjoy!

February 26, 2008


I resumed the editing at 8:30 this morning, and began coding around 2:30. I've been doing this all day.


I'm still not finished. I'm going to do my best to get everything posted before I go to sleep, but yet again, you will not see the next installment "until tomorrow."

Just hope with me that it will be sometime in the AM? Until then. ^_^

February 25, 2008

Inahle... *crack!* Hale!

I've finished the translation. Unfortunately, I only finished it at 10:30, and have yet to do the editing and coding.

I counted the pages after I finished. As it appears in the word processor, it numbers more than a hundred pages... I think there were about seventy pages of solid Japanese before I started, so maybe you'll find it in your heart to forgive me? ^^;

Anyway, I'm sure you'll prefer my continued work over passages of sleep deprivation-addled neurotic apology. I'm not sure how long it will take to edit over a hundred pages of translation, but I made an effort to write it right the first time around. Wish me luck? And expect it tomorrow.

February 24, 2008

11:13 - Ugh......

Try tomorrow...

February 23, 2008

Hail Mary, Mother of Grace

Me: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been......

Me: ......

Me: ...Twelve years since my last confession.

Le pére pauvre: ...Twelve years?

Me: Yep. You see, lately I've been translating this Japanese lesbian adventure game...

Le pére pauvre: Le---!? Um, and you wish to repent for your actions?


Le pére pauvre: ............

Me: I'll do better, I promise! Just give me those Hail Marys or whatever. I'll get right back to it! How many does that make, anyway? TELL ME! I HAVE TO GET BACK TO WORK!

............I'm also sorry for spending time writing apologetic narratives when I should be translating instead. Long story short, God gave Persona 3 an e-cookie, for diverting me from my heathen ways. I am also moving to another state, but enough excuses!

If it provides any consolation, know that Fumotogawa-sensei has posted the fourteenth chapter of the Aoi Shiro web novel, and reading that is the one thing I most want to do right now. BUT I'M NOT GONNA! I will just think of it as the carrot being dangled in front of my face until at least one of the two Tsudzura - Night 3 sections is up for your enjoyment. I want to say it'll be up today, Saturday, at midnight, EST. That's rather optimistic, though not impossible. Check back at midnight. If it's not there, then check back on Sunday evening.

And don't worry. Unlike the section I'm translating right now, the final conclusion won't have twenty glossary entries for me to research.

February 16, 2008

10:20 - >_<

Excusese: I had to do numerous preparations for driving thousands of miles and then drive them.

Translation: Tsudzura's finale will be a few days, yet. I was hoping I could at least post this news update at the hotel, but apparently its "high-speed internets" weren't as reliable as advertised. To all of those who were checking this site rapidly for the next installment over the past few days, I'm really sorry.

February 10, 2008


How are you enjoying your new command over those egregious Shintou creation myths?

...Oh, really? Ha! I knew you would.

The transcription for the rest of Tsudzura's route is done, and daunting. On the flow chart, it might look like one sixth of the total, but the text itself comprises at least a fourth of her total route. This makes it hard to feel optimistic about its timely completion, but worry not. I should have something to post by Friday, at least.

One of the things I've been doing in my break time is reading the Aoi Shiro web novel. For those of you who liked Akai Ito, you should know that the development team is really outdoing itself in the sequel. I just might be possessed of the desire to translate that, as well.

...Iya, before you get your hopes up, know that you're unlikely to see any such translation until sometime in Summer. It comes out on April 24, and naturally, I want to be afforded some time to enjoy it, first. ^_^;

February 2, 2008

03:57 - Next installment ready

I'm sorry about the tardiness. Hopefully the surprises in store will make up for it. As you will see, a horrid amount of research was involved.

Those continuing from Tsudzura's last installment will be starting here.

There is one last installment remaining for this character... or two. Thus far it looks like a vast amount of material. Even should it be divided into two segments, rest assured that they will most likely occur very close to each other.

February 1, 2008

A day late...

A dollar short?

Well, you just wait. When you see the amount of work I've done, it'll blow your mind. Most likely, it will go up this evening or early Saturday.

January 24, 2008

11:57 - Next update

It has been about a week, so just to allay any concerns you might have, I seem to be on schedule for meeting my resolution. It may even be early, which will be quite miraculous, seeing as there is a tremendous amount of cultural information to research and translate...

As part of that, I plan to be expanding the "Cultural" section of the Game Info page... or rather, making a page with actual info where there was none before. I hope very much that you look forward to learning far more information than the average foreigner would know about Japanese divine myth and legends.

Now, all there is left to tell you is that the Aoi Shiro opening movie linked below was privated by youtube for a while. However, it has been fixed, so if you haven't already, take a gander!

January 18, 2008

Navigation page updated

Also, if by any chance you were one of the unlucky few who had an "Access Prohibited" error, that is now fixed, and you need only refresh your browser to use the broken links.

January 17, 2008

11:36 - New Year's Resolution

To return to a two week installment schedule, even if it kills me! >_<

You could say I'm halfway there, at least, right? (Well, perhaps not if you count the two-and-a-half-month hiatus, however inevitable it was.) Anyway, the next installment is up for you to enjoy!

You may recall that the last installment ended in three branches. If you chose to wait for Tsudzura inside the mansion, go here. If you couldn't resist the hunger and left for the town to get food, go here. And finally, if you chose to go searching for Tsudzura, go here. These links should lead you to the continuation of your respective branches. Note first that if you stayed in the mansion, the text you read may look familiar. That is because the scene was extraordinarily long and actually continued into the evening segment. If you scroll down, you should find it easily. The new text will be separated by a line.

If you are confused as to which route you took, or just want to find your way back through again, go here.

January 14, 2008

2:30 - It's on its way

I've overlooked some glaring errors on this site for a long time, namely, several "What's new" links that display updates only as far as September. (Yikes!) I really hope that didn't throw anyone off to any significant degree. (Though if it did, the faith of any such aggrieved personage would likely be too far gone for them to read this.)

So, yes, I am fixing that problem now, and giving thanks to the intrepid reader who pointed it out. I am also fixing the news page to make it more user-friendly... or rather, producer-friendly. Having a link for every month is far too much work when there are really only two updates each (not that I intend to make a habit of that, mind you).

As for Tsudzura's route, I have finished the transcription and a sizeable portion of the translation. This installment is slightly longer than most, with three partitions representing it on the divergence map (I guess the proper term is "flow chart"?). Expect it to come decently soon, though.

My thanks go out again to those who have sent me e-mail, signed the guestbook, and of course, the readers of the translation in general. Seeing your gallant perseverance in the face of ardent pessimism, I can't help but think you deserve a reward...

Or two...

Yeah, someone subbed the Akai Ito opening!

And that's it for this week. I hope you all will hear from me again before another week has gone by. Keep a lookout.

December 31, 2007

23:55 - Update

As you can see, I was loathe to miss a December update. Just to make sure my beloved readers haven't completely lost their faith and headed for the hills (and here's hoping it wasn't too late, regardless), I inform you that I am still alive...

And more importantly, I have located a hapless friend of a friend who would willingly part with their Swap Magic disc... temporarily. Already, I am feverishly putting it to task. For the moment, I have to transcribe the Japanese, after which point the translation will recommence.

So then, akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! (Happy New Year)

November 14, 2007

00:20 - Mm? Eheh, yeah...

In case there exist among you those who haven't read my updates in October, I vowed I would not allow a month-long hiatus to happen again...

That was when the fates thought to themselves, "Yeah, we'll show that Zohar."

I lost the Swap Magic CD I use to play my imports. It's one of those moments where you've looked in every logically possible and impossible place, and swear that the blasted thing has deported itself out of existence.

I've already placed an order for a new one, but few online stores seem to have them anymore, and after much searching, I found a place that took fifty of my housing-market-debt-backed American dollars under the premise that a set would be shipped to me, "express."

I have yet to receive a shipping notification. If it happens to arrive, timely or untimely, I'll be sure to make note of it in my How-to page and update the link. If not, then... I guess I'll let you know.

November 1, 2007

It's functional...

...albeit ugly, particularly in the case of long-winded tables (one glaring example being the one above). One of these days, I will learn how to surgically enhance the depraved, despicable disfiguration...

...But until then (or until my beloved webmaster scrounges the time to run her eyes over this site again), please bear with my meager HTML.

Now I can get back to reading about how the world will purify us like tiny, pesky microbes. Yay! ^_^ (Note: That problem is only one of many.)

Oh, right. In case you were wondering, yes, I updated the translation with only a few minutes to spare (at least by my time zone) before October was over... and no, I did not do so purposefully for dramatic flair. Tsudzura's Day 2 starts here.

October 31, 2007

11:58 - Hmm...

The first glaring error I saw was that the files weren't there. That problem is fixed. ^_^;;

October 31, 2007

11:45 - Happy Halloween!

I wasn't tricking, was I? It's up. There were a lot of ways to get to it, but anyone who gets to Tsudzura/Sakuya's Day 2 will start it here.

I hope you enjoy it! Now I just have to skim through and hope I don't find any glaring errors. At least I fulfilled my promise!

Unfortunately, the translation is on a temporary hiatus until I find my Swap Disc or buy a new one. >_< I lost it! Please just hope very strongly that I find it, because I want to get started on the rest, really soon!

October 26, 2007

22:48 - Not much to say

I've actually had a bit of a burnout, but I'm working on this seriously. At the very least, I'll have something up before this month is over, and I don't plan to let this hiatus repeat itself.

Also, someone made a version of the Akai Ito opening with subtitles added. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it, but when I do, I'll make sure to post a link.

...Well, there might be things to talk about, but I'm not making this into a soapbox, even though my ethos says I should. I've just been reading some sad, sad news. If you're curious about what, then... well, you should try finding out on your own. ^_^

See you again before long.

October 10, 2007

Mada mada

I'm sorry about the long stagnation on this site, and for being really slow. ~_~

It's likely to be a week, yet. Just keep checking by on a weekly schedule, or whichever you prefer. Take care, and be safe. ^_^

September 22, 2007

23:01 - Edits are complete

The edits for Yumei's route and a few select others elsewhere are now done. I have also updated the navigation page for Sakuya/Tsudzura.

September 19, 2007

00:28 - You are shock!

It's up. I'm sorry it's late, but I hope you enjoy it! Industrious readers who try to exhaust all paths available may realize that a small section of text is missing for a choice in the scene titled "Time Lag?" It's only four lines, but two of them were so utterly flabergastingly frustrating that I left them be until a Japanese speaker could help decode the reference for me.

I understand that most people who could translate such lines wouldn't need a translation in the first place, but if you have an answer and are willing to help, onegai itashimasu.

So then, there are two entrances to Tsudzura's route. In the scene titled "The First Step," you can now choose the option "I've already checked everything. It's fine." In the scene titled " After we pulled away from the dark forest, there it was..." if you choose "I've made up my mind," you will continue into the new content.

And that's that. I hope you enjoy this next installment featuring Tsudzura's legendary loquacity. ^_^

September 17, 2007


Try again tomorrow evening, or by my time zone, today, which would be Monday.

September 14, 2007

21:25 - Dei wan shuuryou

It's been a week, so I'm checking in. I've finished translating day one (same for either character), though I might have missed a part towards the beginning, a tiny part that would be negligible, if anything.

Sorry about the wait. Yes, it's partly due to me being lazy. Judging by the site counter, it seems most of you are still interested in the unfinished routes. That makes me very happy! I've largely decided the order I'll be translating them in, but if you have a preference, by all means. You might change my mind.

Next is Tsudzura. I wasn't looking forward to translating her route (saving the best for last), but now that I'm playing through it again, I have a renewed perspective. It's a great route, provides a nice new perspective on various elements of the story, (Actually, all characters are like this...), and is very funny.

Anyway, I have to go on a long distance drive tomorrow, so it's possible it won't go up until Sunday. Thank you for your patience.

September 6, 2007

22:20 - Hiya

I'm still here, and I'm still working. Sorry for the overdue update. I know I should make some edits in the Yumei route, but I'm working on the right half of the map right now. It hasn't differentiated into Tsudzura/Sakuya routes, yet, but there's no shortage of content, even in the first night alone.

August 28, 2007

02:46 - Waaah......

I had a long news post all written out, but I saved right over it...

......It's so late. The navigation page is updated. Aside from that, I'll just have to tell you later. *sigh*

August 16, 2007

Who needs edits...

When you can just finish the conclusion instead? ^_^


I will be making revisions and such later, though, so don't worry. More importantly, please tell me how you liked Yumei's route! I'm anxious to hear any and all input.

August 13, 2007

20:10 - It's up!


Edits and contents will be forthcoming.

August 13, 2007

01:13 - Day 4

I've finished translating the portion of Day 4 that I'll be posting for now. I hope to have it posted tomorrow evening, but it might not be up until later in the night, or even the next day. I really need to start making projections based on the maxim, "plan for the worst, hope for the best," but, editing and coding has never really taken that long, hasn't it?

It really shows, too, because I have a lot of embarrassing edits I need to make, too. I must have written quite a few of these passages at three in the morning or the like. At the very least, I would like to avoid confusing possessive with plural.

I still haven't finished the entire route, but the remainder is fairly short, so if you give me lots of support, and luck allowing, I might just finish the next installment in a few days. Chances are, it'll go up sometime this following weekend.

August 6, 2007

01:09 - Belated Update

Despite the emergence of a few disasters, I have still been making some progress in the translation. Please forgive the late updates. I might be a little optimistic to say so, but I think I'll be able to finish Yumei's route this week. If it doesn't seem that way, I'll at least have the next third of it done.

Industrious readers may want to keep an idea in mind as to whose route they would like to see translated next. I won't really be forced to make a decision until I get to certain divergences in Day 2 (on the right half of the map), but be sure to e-mail me if you have a preference.

...By the way, those interested in ??????'s route would want me to translate Tsudzura next, because the route isn't unlocked until you pass through a certain branch in her route (as well as one in Yumei's).

July 25, 2007

00:51 - Another picture

Another fanart, this time of our friendly neighborhood brunette oni magnet, Kei! Take a look in "Contributions," and enjoy.

July 24, 2007

23:26 - Edits

Sorry for the sporadic updates. I've been crazy busy, all in a tizzy.

But I found the time to update the navigation page, at least. I even calculated the new completion percentage for Yumei's route. (Yes, I used a calculator. Eighty-three-point-repeating-three. Bwah.)

I also implemented quite a few edits, not the least of which is an automatic branch in "Why here of all places?" that sends you in the exact opposite direction it's supposed to. This is the kind of error that one can only find while playtesting, glaring though it may be, and I don't really have the time to do that, so please keep an eye out for them and let me know. Anyway, it's very surprising, what you'll find as you're reading through your own translation for what seems like the seventh time. No matter how much of a prude I may be... *sigh*

Now, back to work. I'll be spending the rest of this week mustering the willpower to resist Harry Potter. Don't worry, I haven't even bought it, yet. Don't e-mail me spoiling whether Snape is a good guy or not. Please.

...I mean it!

July 18, 2007

17:40 - 1/3 Complete

The section is done and posted. I've given it a look over, and it seems that the links are all in the right place, at least. Enjoy!

I've connected it to where Day 3 left off, and here's a direct link to Day 4. Don't worry. I'll update the navigation page soon enough...

July 17, 2007

21:14 - Day 4

I finally finish the translation for the next section, and the internet is down. Go figure. So I'm editing now. I doubt I can post it tonight, but I probably can tomorrow. This is actually one-third of Day 4 instead of one-half. (It's divided into three parts instead of day and night.) Look forward to it, and take care.

July 12, 2007

2:00 - I'm still alive...

It would seem that I have missed two updates. I'm really sorry! Just letting you know that I'm still alive, and that I haven't given up the translation yet. There have just been numerous family and work-oriented events bunched together, and finding employment takes precedence, to put it briefly.

If all goes well, regardless, I might be able to post something over this weekend, or (more likely) during the following week. Also, I've gone on a cursory editing pass, and it would seem there are many errors that need to be fixed, such as a misdirected automatic branch, among others. (I hope you all noticed, and managed to get around it... ~_~) I will make those corrections when I get the chance. Please wish me luck...

June 24, 2007

00:05 - Broken link

Fixed the link to "house_sitter_yumei.html".

June 23, 2007

23:57 - Done!

Okay. Now I just have to read through it to make sure I didn't mess up. I hope you enjoy it.

June 23, 2007

23:47 - Done!

Coding is done. I'll be posting the day 3 scenes, now.

Here's a shortcut to the first one. And look, it's still the 23rd, so it's still evening... kinda? Anyway, enjoy.

June 23, 2007

00:10 - Editing

Translation for the rest of day 3 is done. I'm into editing, now. Can you smell the completion coming closer? It looks like some of you can. ^_^

With any luck, I will be posting tomorrow, but the need for edits looks a little extensive at this point. If you worship a muse, please pray to her now. Stay tuned, and you might want to try later in the evening. (of the 23rd, that is... well, maybe the morning of the 24th if you live in Greenwich, or something? Sorry. Such a complicated world. My time zone is EST (+5, was it?), in case I haven't mentioned it.)

June 18, 2007

00:19 - Still working on it

I haven't given up, yet. I definitely plan to translate all five of these routes, and if that doesn't kill me, Aoi Shiro as well. I should translate some info about that in the "game info" section, but that will come after Yumei's route is finished, at least. I'm certainly looking forward to its release...

You have all been very patient, so thank you. I'm really trying to get the rest up, soon. Think about who you want me to start on next, though. I'll probably put some sort of poll function up before I finish Yumei.

Oh! And check out the contributions section, if you haven't already! ^_^

June 13, 2007

10:11 - Opening and closing videos

I've added links to youtube videos of the game's opening and closing songs, in case you would like to see them. In fact, while we're at it, let's throw in another random Akai Ito video for the hell of it. Someone compiled an amv of sorts to Yuki Kajiura's "Liminality" song. She's one of my favorite composers, so naturally, I think it's great!

If you notice any of these videos come down in the future, or if the links die out, observant readers are encouraged to apprise me by e-mail.


June 13, 2007

9:45 - Lyrics

I've posted the lyrics! It took a lot more work than I expected, so I hope they turned out well. Enjoy!

It's back to the story, now. Let's hope you see some more good news here, soon.

June 13, 2007

3:32 - Edits

I'm sorry. I wanted to have some song lyrics posted tonight, but... if only I didn't need sleep! ˜_˜

I did make some changes, though. Those who have been spelunking through Yumei's route will undoubtedly be pleased to see a new navigation page. Temporary though it may be, it may be here a while yet. I hope to update it as I continue posting more scenes.

Also, thanks to someone's kind notification, an error has come to my attention. There was a broken link in the "Ginsharisharishari" scene, where Uzuki's route was cut off (although it was possible to use the navigation page to circumvent it). I can't believe this escaped my attention for more than a month. I'm sorry!

And that's it. Sweet dreams! ZZZZzzzzzz...

June 6, 2007

17:34 - Posting

Ahem! *edits the date* I'm in the process of posting, now. Link!


June 6, 2007

22:49 - Translation complete

For the part I will be posting, the translation is finished. Now I just have to edit, code, and post it. It should be up tomorrow, and the rest will probably not be long in following. (At least, I will make sure it doesn't take four weeks. ˜_˜)

I take it you all noticed the buttons added to the top? That should make things a little easier for you. Be happy! Unfortunately, there isn't any content for some of them, but that should change, soon.

June 3, 2007

22:57 - There will be something!

I won't be able to finish Day 3 this weekend, but I will put up something you all in the next few days, come hell or highwater. (Though with alarms ringing at the worst possible times of night, I would put my money on hellfire, personally.) Honestly, you all have been too good to me. I will be sure to add some omake material as consolation. (Fan art / song lyrics, for instance. ^_^)

May 27, 2007

16:13 EST

I'm sorry. It's not done yet.

I aim to use this long weekend as well as I am able, though. Keep checking back.

May 20, 2007

22:40 EST

For those of you who visited here looking for an update, I'm sorry. There isn't much to say. Just keep me in your prayers, shamanic trances, mantras, incantations or what have you and hope that I finish this section by the time I said I would. Right now, it isn't looking very optimistic.

June 13, 2007

00:00 EST: Progress

So... yeah. After making that final post, I crashed... and burned... with fever. Perhaps it could be said that my body was needing a break. At any rate, it got one, but I am translating again. It would be so very ideal if I were to finish this within the next... two weeks. I don't want to overestimate my pace nearly as much as I did for Day 2, but Day 3 has a decided lack of branching in comparison. Just keep checking back here...

Judging from the lack of e-mails, I take it that people haven't been coming across broken links, or any catastrophic errors in the translation that confound them, or lead them awfully off track. In other words, if you have the game, then you can follow it without troubles. I hope that's what this means.

Another thing I want to do before long is to make other sections of my site less pitiful. A very nice reader from the Animenation forums told me of an alternate way to make PS2's import-playable. It's called the HDLoader, and it's supposedly a lot more convenient and rewarding than the method I used, which called for me to go out and get detail screwdrivers, among other oddities. Obviously, I should be changing the "How to" section to reflect this, but you heard it here, first. That same person even took the time to archive the Uzuki translation in .txt format, and I feel really bad that I haven't put it up, yet... Unfortunately, there are some wondrously strange FTP protocol issues with this site, and that isn't possible right now.

Anyway, a call to action or two in the meantime, for those of you that read this. I know next to nothing about importing, and not everyone has the same PS2 model I do. Does anyone know how to make thin PS2s import-capable? If so, please e-mail me. The other call to action... please spread the word. If you are a member of a forum where people might benefit from knowing about this site, please let them know! And with that, good night...

May 5, 2007

2:18 AM EST: Correction

I just realized that I hadn't fixed the link from one of the twilight branches. If anyone was waiting for that, I'm really sorry! It is fixed now to lead to the scene, "Ginsharisharishari", which is where you will branch off into Yumei's day 2.

I'm really sorry if that caused an inconvenience for anyone!

May 5, 2007

1:35 AM EST: Day 2 Posted

It's 100% posted, and I skimmed over it to look for errors, but my vision is currently blurring in and out... &tilde_˜

Please give me your impressions on the translation. I really need to hear from you all! Also, if anyone out there sees the Japanese above the scene titles (etc.) as gibberish or rectangles, or the like, please let me know. I want to make sure everyone can see it properly, as it is very important for keeping your place in the game.

You can see my contact information on the Introduction page.

May 4, 2007

10:37 PM EST: Posting

As of this time, I am posting the scenes of day 2. Chances are that anyone who starts after reading this update will find all scenes of day 2 in place as they progress. I hope you enjoy it!

May 3, 2007

11:58 PM EST: Day 2

Uwhe˜ Honyaku kanryou. Ato wa Teisei... Nagaku kakarisou ni nai rashii...

Ahem. At this time, translation is finished and editing begins... or rather, continues. Don't worry. It won't take much longer. ^_^;

April 28, 2007

1:24 AM: Day 2 almost finished

Just in case people have started noticing, I thought it might be prudent to write about my progress at predetermined intervals, so I will be editing this update status page on Saturdays, apprising you all about the continuing state of the translation, just in case any of you are interested. (Although, to some people, this is late Friday...)

As for Yumei's route, there have been many bumps on that road, and there are likely to be a few more... But at the rate I'm going, I will have finished translating day 2 before this weekend is over. After that, I will have to proofread and edit it, then code it. But, keep checking back here! ^_^ It shouldn't be long, now.

April 21, 2007

10:55 AM: Day 2 Progress

Although I wanted very much to finish Yumei's day 2 this week, it doesn't look like that's possible...

There have been a few barriers, but, namely among them, my PS2 decided it doesn't want to load anything. ˜_˜ Hopefully, cleaning the laser will do the trick, though it requires a few tools that I don't have.

At any rate, please wish me luck! That is what I'll be doing today.

April 14

1:20 AM: Game Info

I have seen one or two instances of people pointing to my site if they want information on Akai Ito...

So, yeah... that made me feel bad. There was hardly anything here you could call "information" about the game, aside from the translation, of course. ^_^;


I fixed it! I hope you enjoy seeing what's there! Most of it is just a translation of the Akai Ito official page, but there are several places where I have attached Wikipedia links so you can see information about the seiyuu and such.

April 13, 2007

3:55 AM: Day 1 of Yumei's route posted

This update has also added this very section. There should be a nice, visible button for this section at the top of the page, before long, but that's not my area of expertise. Here is the temporary solution.

Anyway, there are many overlapping points between Yumei's and Uzuki's routes, so this was nothing compared what will follow. I can only hope that it will be finished soon. ^_^;

Now, I should really get to bed...