This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


And after dinner...

Kei: I ate and I ate! My tummy is stuffed......

Tsudzura: So long it has been since I had a warm meal--- I'm so happy---!

Kei: Wah!?

Sakuya: Mmm, this shot has a pretty good feel to it. If I were to name it, how about "The Sisters' Extravagant Gluttony"?

Kei: No, stop it! Come on, don't take such a shameful-looking picture---!

Sakuya: Why don't you accept that this shamefulness is who you are? Cameras just show the truth as it really is, you know.

Kei: Uuu!......

I know that well enough already, for cryin' out loud...

Kei: ......Sakuya-san, weren't you supposed to be taking pictures of nature and wild animals?

Sakuya: Work is work. No one cares what pictures I take in my free time, right?

Kei: That might be true, but the one in the picture has her privacy rights, too, okay?

Tsudzura: That is how it is, so please make the necessary alterations if you plan to post it where others can see.

Sakuya: I'm not gonna send it anywhere strange, so give it a rest. And as for Kei's conditions, there is a wild animal in there, pretty much.

Kei: I don't think Obana-chan is a wild animal. After all, he doesn't catch his own food.

Kei: Speaking of which, did he get a chance to eat, too?

Gathered into a ball at the corner of the room, Obana-chan gives his tail a gruff shake and shuts his bored-looking eyes.

Tsudzura: Onee-san, he'll wake up if I pull his tail.

Kei: No, no, no! Just leave him as he is. People get sleepy when their bellies are full, and I'd feel sorry if we woke him up.

Sakuya: Right, right. That works for me, so just let the sleeping foxes lie.

Tsudzura: What works for you, you say?

Sakuya: I thought we'd head into town for a quick dip in the bath, you see? Obana can't just follow us in, right?

Tsudzura: Well, he is a boy, after all.

Sakuya: It's because he's a fox.

Kei: Ahaha, yeah, that's usually how it is.

Though hot springs that have monkeys and bears going in and out, using the beauty of wildlife as a selling point, are a different matter.

Sakuya: Anyway, Tsudzura. You haven't bathed in a while, have you?

At those words, Tsudzura-chan lifts her two arms in front and lets her nose roam about.

Kei: ......You mean... you really haven't?

Tsudzura: Well, I do undertake bathing practices in the river, nearby, but...... do I smell?

Kei: River bathing!? Isn't that... really tough?

Tsudzura: During the summer, well... it does feel good in its own way, but......

Tsudzura: Tahaha... I still think a bath is better, in the long run---

Sakuya: Then that's that. Go get ready.

Kei: Now that you mention it, I'm in a yukata. If we're going in Sakuya-san's car, do you think it'll be all right?

I don't think there's much of a problem if it's door-to-door, but it might still be a little too much in public. To put it frankly, it's akin to walking about in pajamas.

Kei: Mmm, I think I'll change, after all. Just wait a sec.

Sakuya: You don't really need to change, you know.

Kei: You think so? It's not weird?

Sakuya: Not weird at all. You're goin' back in the futon. What better way to do it then as you are now?

Kei: Eh?

Sakuya: You're the house-sitter. We can't take an invalid outta the house, much less to a hot spring.

Kei: Ehhh?

Sakuya: We'll leave Yumei to take care of you, so eat all you can and sleep, and try to get back as much stamina as you can. We can't tell what's gonna happen next, after all.

Tsudzura: Not that I really understand, but, hot baths do take a surprising amount of stamina---

Yumei: Kei-chan, bear without it for today.

I'm gonna go, whether you like it or not!

There's no real helping it, so bear without