This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


Down the road by the ravine...

Thanks to the dense canopy of leaves over my head, the sunlight is softened such that there is no need for a hat.

The light passing through the filter of translucent green is refreshing, and the air, suffused with the scent of trees, embraces a quiet coolness.

However, refreshing though it may be, it is not lacking in heat. Rather, probably due to yesterday's rain, it's quite humid.

As the sun climbs ever higher, the temperature climbs with it, and the steam rising before my eyes is perhaps even enough to make the world blur before me.

Kei: Phew......

The heat consumes my stamina ever faster, and I would rather not overlook the importance of allotting my pace, especially considering my favorite motto, "always be prepared."

Seeing a good break opportunity, I stop my feet, remove my pack, and producing the hand towel inside it, wipe away my sweat.

That's right, one must be wary of dehydration, and neglect not to replace her fluids during breaks. Replenishing electrolytes in the process makes it all the better.

For now, I open my mineral water bottle and moisten my throat. However, drinking too much makes you tire easily, so keep it at an amount just not quite enough and bear it, bear it.

In exchange, I take a low-calorie nourishing "salty konbu ame" and pop it into my mouth. With this, my sodium and potassium electrolyte supply is all set. (TN: Ame is usually a hard candy made from rice jelly, but in this instance, it is made from konbu, a type of seaweed.)

Licking at the faintly salty ame, I switch my hand towel for my handkerchief.

Gently wringing out the wet handkerchief, I pat pat at my forehead, cheeks, neck muscles and here and there, delivering a modest coolness.

Kei: Ah...... the wind......

The leaves above give a blanketing rustle *saya saya*, and in the moment the noise rises, the sultry voices of the cicadas trail off.

The wind brushes the spots of moisture on my face, resulting in a pleasant chill.

Kei: Mm, a subtle touch of luxury.

Closing my eyes to feel the wind set aflight the stuffy heat, once again, I feel a curious sense of unease.

......What is that?

It is just after the rustling wind comes to a lull that the nature of that unease becomes clear.

Kei: The cicadas......

They're no longer chirping.

Even in the farthest reaches in the mountains, it's impossible for the cicada voices to continue unceasingly throughout the day. It's normal enough for a pause to open.

But, I can't help but think this pause is abnormal.

I couldn't hear them in that open space where the Ohashirasama stood, but this is far different from that heart-calming silence.

As if all the living things of the mountain are straining their ears, daring not even to breathe, trying to hide from something fearsome.

And no, this feeling can't be just me.

In this excessive repose, the rushing of my own heartbeat comes to seem awfully loud.

Kei: *suu*...... *hah*...... *suu*...... *hah*......

As I try to quiet my dangerously loud breathing, it becomes ever tighter, and more painful.

I don't like this feeling at all.

The air feels eerie as the oppressive atmosphere settles over all the skin of my body.

Trying to make as little noise as possible, I shut away my break time goods into my backpack and prepare myself to run away at first notice.

I wonder how many times my heartbeat rang since I started stilling my breath... All this accomplishes is passing time, and the anxiety isn't lifting at all.

It is at this point that I decide one thing for sure.

It'll be far safer if I make it to the sacred tree, rather than milling about here.

If I can somehow see Yumei-san, I'm sure I'll be fine, then... If I just make it to that tree, blooming the flowers that resemble her servant butterflies...

Voicing that thought firmly in my mind, I begin moving, slowly edging forward.

......There. It wasn't really anything serious, was it?

So I think a while after my feet set out.

That's probably because of the ease I feel, drawing so close to that memorable place.

Kei: Phweh˜˜˜

That anxiety has now shaken off completely, along with the nervousness propping me upright.

Managing to refrain at least from sitting in that very spot, I search the surroundings for a nicely dry place to settle my bottom.

And yet...

Paying attention to your surroundings while creeping forward carefully and quietly is little more than a demanding locomotion, grating away the stamina of both mind and body.

At least it's enough that, if I sit down, I probably won't want to stand for a while.

Anyway, it's nice that I found a dry spot, but should I sit myself down? Or bear with it?



I think I'll bear with it a little longer.

If I just press on a little longer, I'll surely reach that open place with the Ohashirasama towering above.

And though the thought is saddening, I'll make those block-shaped nutrition supplement rations my lunch. Unfortunately, my pack was too small to carry anything else.

I pat soothingly at the stomach that has fully digested the salmon from breakfast, and edge my feet forward.

And I think I'll ignore the *gasa gasa* of my shoe soles trampling the grass.

Paying heed only to avoid tripping or spraining my ankles, I wipe away my sweat *fuki fuki* and climb the pathless incline.

Just a little farther.

Just a little farther and my field of vision will open wide...