This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


The Enju's Guidance

(TN: Enju - Another play on words. The kanji here are different from 槐, the tree's name. In this scene title, "enju" means "tree of connection.")

When I come to, my listless footsteps are taking me up a mountain path.

Uh-oh. Did I properly shut the door before coming here?

Though when I think about it, that's definitely not the issue here. First of all, why in the world am I hiking up a mountain?

The natural answer: this is another dream.

I've been having a lot of dreams lately. You might even call them lucid dreams. I've had that sort of awareness in all of them.

If it's a dream, then I don't have to worry about what happens next. When the punch-line comes around, I'll just wake up.

Kei: Kei-san, it's burdock fatigue that's the culprit, here. You ate tenpura last night, remember?

Kei: Hey now, we're talking about organs here, organs.

Kei: There ya go, bud-a-bing! ---But, setting that aside...

(TN: One of Kei's puns. They say that dreams are caused by organ fatigue - gozou no tsukare - but Kei switches in "gobou" - burdock root - instead.)


Kei: Could this... not be a dream?

According to the usual pattern, lately, I wouldn't be able to speak and move on my own, like I am now.

It would be like a movie, with me watching as if from somewhere outside.

The point is, this is either reality, or a new pattern.

Without forethought, I grab a bit of my cheek and pinch.

Kei: Ichyahyahya......

In other words, this doesn't seem to be a dream...

Kei: Hold on, hold on. As far as pain in the middle of dreams goes, there was a lot of that, wasn't there?

Which would mean it's indeterminate with that classic technique just now.

Uuu, so my cheek was pinched for utterly no reason, huh? There there, you poor thing.

Patting a bit at the sting in my cheek, I stop in my tracks (though a bit late for that).

"How dare you come all the way down this pathless trail without a shred of hesitation?" ask my thoughts after a swirling survey of my surroundings.

I might just be lost, but...


......If this isn't a dream, then I'm in trouble.

Be that as it may, things won't get any better if I sit around and do nothing, and it's not like this place is completely unfamiliar, so I decide to rely on the memory of my dream and proceed forward.

The memory of my dream... unreliable, indeed.

Za! Za! Za! Za!

Fleeting though it may be, my body chooses its path with surprising ease.

Za! Za! Za! Za!

As if knowing nothing of fatigue, the steps of my feet continue without pause.

As if possessed, the steps of my feet grow faster.

This sensation... maybe it really is the same dream?

If it is a dream then, if I'm right, just up beyond here is...


Suddenly, my field of vision opens wide.

At this point, I'm probably halfway up the mountain.

As far as I can lift my gaze stands a tremendous-

Kei: ......I knew it.

A great, ancient tree towers above, letting bloom countless tiny white flowers.

With years upon innumerable years of age piled on the central trunk, comparing it to the person standing at its base makes the width clear at a glance.

Kei: ......What?

There, I finally notice the existence of a preceding visitor.

A boy lingers there, seemingly about the same age, pressing at the trunk with his outstretched palm.


The wind carries itself from here to where he stands.

As if it had carried my voice, he raises his face.

His slightly long, soft looking hair, sways in the wind, in tandem with the flower petals as they drop from the branches.

Kei: ......What?

Thus the same word passes my lips twice.

Déjà vu... might be overdoing it a little, but I somehow get the feeling I've seen him before.

But I have no acquaintances here, and even if he's not from here, I wouldn't know a boy---

Could he be a famous person who might appear on TV, or in a magazine?

Boy: By any chance, are you lost?

Kei: Eh!? You mean me!?

When did he get this close? Moving to peer slightly into my face, he begins talking. His height, about average.

Boy: Is there anyone else that I'd be talking to?

Kei: Ah! Right, I suppose not.

Boy: Hahaha! No need to be so nervous.

Kei: But......

I've never met you before... and you're a boy.

Although, his face, voice and speech all seem nice, and he seems like the type where I could get by without being conscious of him as a boy.

Boy: Yeah, I suppose it feels more comfortable if I introduce myself in times like these...

Kei: Umm, well......

Boy: Don't worry. I'm not going to ask for yours in return, or anything like that.

Boy: Nice to meet you, then...? My name's Kei.

Kei: Eeh!?

I've just been jumping at everything since this began.

That is... I guess you could say it isn't exactly a rare name, but...

(Kei): ......Hmm? Is there something wrong with my name?

"Ah! No! Not really!" and then leave.

"What a coincidence," and give your name.

Change the subject: "That's one big tree, isn't it?"