This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


The One Enveloped In Night's Colors

By the time I had awakened to the announcer's voice and left the train, the sun had descended completely.

Unused to travel and bearing a large suitcase, just walking with it dots my forehead with sweat.

Relative to the city where I live, this area is quite a bit farther north, so maybe it could be nice and cool... such were my expectations, but...

Kei: ......Geez, it's so hot.

There isn't much of a difference.

Having dozed off on a conditioned train car until just a moment ago, this difference in temperature is something for me to bear, indeed.

My waist bends and my posture slouches under the wait of the luggage.

From anyone else's point of view, I imagine I look pretty pathetic right now.

Still, it's not like I'm being watched by anyone, so I decide to pay it no heed.

Judging by the desolate state of the train car, I'm the only person that would drop off in a place like this. Probably.

Kei: Nnn˜˜˜whew.

Promptly dropping my luggage, and pat pat patting at my waist, I dazedly twist my upper half and-

Kei: Mm?

In that position, my body freezes.

Encroaching footsteps.

Chill footsteps.

It would seem I wasn't the only one to disembark at this station.

From the direction of the still waxing moonlight, into the far more reliable platform lights, as if quietly floating up out of the darkness...

...That person suddenly enters my field of vision.

A person with impeccable walking posture.

But, more than simple posture, the atmosphere around her is entirely different.

Like an actor stepping onto the stage, making you swallow your breath, the air about her is a cut away from the norm.

Kei: Uwaaa......

I soon find myself staring at her, fascinated.

From the blazer jacket to a short length skirt, a black color. Her legs, extending handsomely beyond, are concealed by stockings, as if to melt into the evening shadows.

With one look, I see an outfit oddly suffused in black.

Looking more carefully, I see an ordinary school uniform.

It doesn't look unlike an outfit I might've seen on TV, from a famous private school.

If so, then it would mean we're about the same age, but I can't really compare.

From looking at her, seeming so collected with poise, I somehow feel so unreliable.

Even though I really need to get it together, from here on.

Kei: Haa......

With a heavy heart, I hide my face and sigh.

Cool voice: ...Do you have business with me?

Even her voice is so cool and calm... but wait.

When I fretfully raise my face, she is stopped, standing a few steps ahead, and casting her glance this way.

With her long, slanted black eyes staring straight into mine.

Even if I ignore the impression I received from her impeccable posture, she has an incredibly beautiful face, but above all, her gaze has an ardent strength...

......Uuu, what incredible pressure...

I'm just looking, but that conduct in itself has its own influence on the impressions of those being watched, or so my body alerts me now.

Kei: Ah, eh, that is......

Ahh, if you stare at me like that, the words just...

Although, the one who was staring so rudely before, let alone sighing out loud, was me...

It's not like I had any bad intentions, but I can't deny the possibility of having given her an unpleasant encounter.

Kei: I-I-I, I'm really sorry!

Girl in uniform: That's all right...

Girl in uniform: So, did you have any business with me?

Kei: N-No! It's nothing, I'm really sorry! And it's getting late, so...!

I manage a hurried bow before my head fades out to white. Unable to think, and embracing my luggage, I run for the ticket examination gate.

Kei: Please excuse me. Good evening!

I forget the inordinate weight of the baggage and run.

Uwah... She probably thinks I'm some weirdo.

What should I do, what should I do...

Why do I have to be like this?


......Well, it's already passed, and they say that shame on a voyage can be tossed to the winds, right?

I recollect myself, and make sure not to lose my ticket as I take it from my wallet.