This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


A free ride?

Sakuya: ......So? Why're you coming along?

Joining with Sakuya-san, whose work calls for a photography hike through the mountains, I head for the Hazama mansion in the passenger seat of her SUV.

Kei: I thought I would take a better look inside the house. I also bought a disposable camera, today, too.

Sakuya: Is that right? Okay, I'll park near the mansion, so you should sit tight inside there until I get back.

Kei: If I use the bus to head back on my own, I'll make sure to call--- wait a sec? Sakuya-san, you don't know my number, do you?

Sakuya: If I did, there's no way I'd have used such a roundabout way to find you.

Kei: Right. You wouldn't normally be looking up Youko-chan's number in the phone book and calling her house, would you?

Sakuya: But since you have a home phone, usually only your friends would know your cell number, right?

Kei: That's true, but the tax counselor has been helping me out so often lately, I let her have it, too. Remember? You introduced her to me.

Sakuya: Ah......

Kei: Who's the careless one now?

Sakuya: Oh, shut it. Just go ahead and key in your number.

She fetches her cell from the dashboard and lobs it in my direction.

......By the way...

I have absolutely no intention of sitting tight in that house.

My goal for today is to go to the Ohashirasama sacred tree.