This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


That which was shut away in the shed...

The shed door standing before me now is a solid mass of iron, enough to make me unsure whether my arm strength could open it or not.

Sakuya: Fmph!

With a grunt of effort, Sakuya-san brings to bear with her shoulder and back, and it lists open with a sharp creaking sound.

The heavy, condensed air that was shut away so long mixes with the swelling air of summer, winds up into a swirling spiral, and blends in.

Thanks to the dust dancing through the stale air, the once unseen air currents become visible.

The dust in the air, of all that settled in over the months and years, must be only the crust of what's there. In all likelihood, it's been piled up over several months.

As I watch what's visible in the latticework pattern of light shining through holes in the ceiling, I reflexively cover my mouth and nose with my hand.

As if it was waiting for that cover, lest it fly out, my heart beats with a force that makes my body shudder.

Not good... this sensation---

In the past, back when I was small, I was told that I shouldn't go in the shed. "Monsters live inside," they warned.

Stowed away among the boxes and bags, a forgotten event, exposed in the dim light, floats up into view.

Sakuya: Whoo wah--- look at all this stale, bygone junk. You don't even know how that's used, do you?

A featured silhouette.

Like she says, I only see such things in photographs and paintings, so I can hardly guess at how to use them, but I can see that one is a spindle, another a loom.

Sakuya: That was Emiko-san's hobby, you know. She's made stuff for me, too, and even your baby clothes were hand made.

Kei: ---

The jumbled tangles of thread begin to unravel. Weaving into it the thread of my memory, it draws a single pattern.

It was right after watching "Busu" that I entered this shed, wasn't it...?

Much like the "poisonous" plant they were told never to open, but turned out to have sugar inside, I was convinced that inside the shed was not a monster, but something wonderful.

Sakuya: Okay then. Looking around and feeling nostalgic isn't gonna get us anywhere, so let's hurry, find that pot and---

The beat of my heart quickly accelerates. Smothered by that sound, Sakuya-san's voice fades into the distance.

Sakuya: ---Kei?

The flow of the current within spirits my consciousness away from the living. Everything before me grows dark.

Sakuya: ---Hold on! Kei!!

Her scream-like call somehow resembles the buzzer before the movie starts...