This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


The New Pillar

Lifting his gaze to the towering Ohashirasama Shrine Tree, Kei-kun says…

(Kei): Yuu-ne, let's trade places.

Kei: ---Eh?

(Kei): I'll become the successor, so you leave the Shrine Tree, and return to a normal life.

(Kei): Together with Kei... okay?

Yumei: I can't do that.

(Kei): No, really, Kei needs you. She has Sakuya-san and friends, but she needs someone to live with her as family.

Yumei: Hakuka-chan, you two are siblings of the same blood. Not to mention twins!

(Kei): But unlike you, Yuu-ne, I've committed a lot of mistakes as an oni. Although, it's true that it's because of the wakemitama...

(Kei): After all that, there's no way I can mime an ordinary life and live with Kei, now.

Yumei: But......

(Kei): What's more, if I go home safely now, I'm supposed to get my head carried off somewhere, you see.

(Kei): I imagine going back on your word doesn't sit well with the Oni Slayer Group, and I have my own pride. The best way to reconcile this is me becoming the Ohashirasama.

Yumei: Hakuka-chan......

(Kei): You're all right with that, aren't you, Kei?

Kei: But...... is it okay?

(Kei): It's my own wish.

Walking close to the Ohashirasama Shrine Tree, Kei-kun spreads his hands around its trunk.

The moonlight dyes it in a pale blue glow...

No, the Enju tree itself releases a pale blue light, and the light spanning the heavens crafts a pillar.

Kei: Ohashirasama...

A giant pillar shining above... It truly has a divine bearing befitting its name.

Now that I think of it... in Japan, the counter for gods is "hashira (pillar)." (TN: Japanese is infamous for its complicated counting system. "Ippon" is one thin object, "ichimai" is one sheet-like object - or one flower petal - "issatsu" is one book, etc. For gods, it might be "icchuu," "ichi no hashira," or "hitohashira.")

Yumei: Hakuka-chan, is this really all right?

(Kei): Of course. I think there might be a misunderstanding. I'm really becoming the Ohashirasama because I want to.

Yumei: Is it all right...... if we ask why?

(Kei): I'm just a stubborn guy that hates to lose. My number one goal as Ohashirasama is to give that Nushi what for, after all.

Kei: Eh?

(Kei): I understand now that I couldn't win if we went at it normally, so I'm gonna go all out and shave away his power at three times the speed it's been until now.

(Kei): Let's see, now... maybe in another thousand years, we could have a good match.

Kei: Wah......

(Kei): I'm thinking Yuu-ne's cultural comeback might be a bigger problem, but good luck.

Yumei: Sakuya-san will probably teach me a trick or two when it comes to that.

(Kei): Is that so? Well, I can rest easy, then.

The Ohashirasama's shine grows stronger.

In that strong light, he begins to vanish...

Kei: Kei-kun......

(Kei): There's no reason to make that face... it's not like anything's disappearing.

(Kei): Just like the way Yuu-ne has been until now, I'm just changing my way of being.

(Kei): Well then, take care...

(Kei): ...until you see the Enju's guidance.