This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


Yumei-san is the House-sitter

The destination of Sakuya's car, as it ferries us away, is Sakaki Ryokan, the hotel that lodged us until yesterday.

Sakuya: That aside, I forgot completely. Non-boarders're only allowed to use the water around noon.

Kei: What'll we do? Were there any other bath houses around here?

Hostess: Well now? Asama-san and Hatou-san. Did you forget something in your rooms, perhaps?

Kei: Ah... that is, you see......

That conversation took place a short while ago.

Kei: It's a good thing the okami-san's such a nice person...

Tsudzura: So very true. She even allowed me in, too.

The checkout time was long gone when we decided to pull our stuff out, so Sakuya-san had paid the fee to stay, today.

And so the okami-san said, "Seeing as you paid the fee, it is only natural to afford you the same privileges of a paying customer."

In addition, it seems Tsudzura-chan was to account for change, since we aren't staying in our rooms.

Tsudzura: So you both were here yesterday, too?

Kei: Yeah. It was me, Sakuya-san, and Uzuki-san, altogether.

Tsudzura: ......Umm...... who would that be?

Kei: Her name's Senba Uzuki-san, an incredible beauty, and she doesn't get along with Sakuya-san.

Tsudzura: Senba......

And, with the title of "Onikiri-Yaku" - though it's odd to say this when I've been attacked by oni, myself, she's a person with a mission on her shoulders that I can't really believe off the bat.

Sakuya: Speaking of which, I just heard this, but, that Uzuki... they say she still hasn't come back, you know.

Kei: Really?

Sakuya: They say she didn't come to the evening meal.

Kei: ............

I wonder, could she still be fighting with Kei-kun around now?

Uzuki-san had some incredible moves, back then, but Kei-kun was amazing, too.

Kei: ......I'm so worried.

Looking above, I see a larger moon than yesterday, almost completely full.