This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


Jouhari Mirror - F

Where in the world is this place?

A puddle widens.

The puddle widens.

In a world distorted red, invited by the sound of a dripping liquid, a puddle gradually widens.

I feel the sensation of drops on both cheeks, and they mix under my jaw and fall down.

For some reason, I'm crying.

Warping, bending, the world distorts.

Is it distorted because I'm crying?

All of this, this puddle is from my...

Why am I crying so much, I wonder?

The puddle spreads.

But, but... with just tears, how would a puddle spread so wide?

Like a puddle of water, it reflects the moon in the night sky...

The thread of memory...

Red, so red...

The scenery I see before me...

From ten years ago - the lost memory - the severed thread.

The threads connect. The memories connect. This, too, is a dream I've seen before.

The palms of my father's hands... grasp the both of my shoulders.

From my father's stomach spouts a spray of blood, splashing over me.

There is a gaping hole into his stomach.

His body won't survive.

As a result of this wound, my father dies.

Kei: Huh? That's strange.

I put my doubts to voice.

Kei: Yumei-oneechan became the Ohashirasama, so dad and mom should have been fine.

Yet, in my house, it was just me and mom. What happened to my father?

Kei: Maybe he did die in a fire, after all. A fire probably happened soon after that...

If so, then... what's the meaning of this newly connected memory?

The dream of the hot, red puddle of blood.

The image of a red hot conflagration.

Like paintings on the front and back of a canvas, they spin into motion.

Like images of a bird and a cage, they overlap into one, and at last, the image switches and stops.

My thoughts freeze.

My breathing stops.

There was no fire.

The reason my father died was a wound that went straight through his stomach.

A child's hand, dyed in blood...

And the hole opened in my father's body, just big enough for that hand to have thrust through...

And there I am, showered in blood.

---The threads of memory, knotting together---

There was Tsudzura-chan, most likely placed under suggestion, unconsciously carrying the twin oni inside...

There I was, all memory a blur after I broke the seal of the mirror in the shed...

And there was my father, dead.

---The landscapes of memory, weaving together---

Ah... the thread of memory... is connected.

Without knowing... my hand... my father's stomach... I...

Yumei: That's right, Kei-chan. You killed him. Even after I saved your entire family by becoming a sacrifice.

Kei's father: That's right, Kei. You did it. You killed your own father.

Kei's mother: That's right, it was Kei that did it. And after you killed my husband, I had to raise you for ten whole years. Alone...

Yumei: It was you, Kei-chan.

Kei's father: It's your fault.

Kei's mother: Kei's the one to blame!

Yumei: You killed him, didn't you!?

Kei's father: I was killed by you.

Kei's mother: To think that you would kill your own father.

Curse: Kei-chan.

Kei: Iyaaaa-------------------------------------------------------------------------------!!

I cover my ears, shut my eyes, and cower.

Press circle once more and then check your divergence map.

Note the branching of the white line and pick the appropriate path below.

The right path here is a locked branch. If you want to know how to unlock it, or don't own the game, click here.