This website provides a fan translation of the Playstation 2 game Akai Ito.


Crimson Bond

From the gaping open cut, the blood pours down with great force, dripping upon her body as it begins to grow thin.

Yumei: Kei-chan... what are you...!

Kei: I-I'm fine. Don't worry. It doesn't hurt.

It doesn't hurt... it's only hot.

As if in inverse proportion to my cooling body, my wrist becomes hotter and hotter.

Kei: Now, make sure not to waste it, and drink it right.

I push my wrist to her lips.

With each heartbeat, the blood floods out, pouring life into her.

At first, the blood spills from the corners of her mouth, but...

Yumei: ......Mn!

Moving her dyed red throat, she swallows my life down.

Yumei: Mn!...... *picha* ...... *picha* ......

Her skin, at first mixed with translucent blue light and pale dark, returns to a human-like reddish color.

Kei: There, that should about do it......

This time, I thought that Yumei-oneechan really would disappear.

Like ice left deserted in the noon sun, I thought she would melt cooly away, leaving barely a trace.

But, but...

Now, in this arm, I feel a clear warmth.

Maybe because my body is cooling down. The warmth that gradually bleeds out my skin feels remarkably pleasant.

In contrast, my back, unable to feel that warmth, is feeling lonely.

That's why, only slightly, I embrace her with greater strength.


It doesn't make any such noise, but in exchange, Yumei-oneechan circles her arms around, wrapping up my chilly back.

Yumei: Kei-chan.

Press circle once more and then check your divergence map.

Note the branching of the white line and pick the appropriate path below.

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